Vibe Bubble - Personalized Car Accessories for Pet Lovers 🐱🐶

Why Choosing Vibe Bubble?

The Most Unique and Personalized Auto Sun Shades

Are you looking for a way to personalize your car and make it truly your own?

Look no further than Vibe Bubble!

We specialize in creating custom-made-to-order auto sun shades that are handcrafted to the highest quality standards.

Our auto sun shades are not just functional, protecting your car interiors from UV rays, but they also add a cute touch to your car.

With the adorable expressions of your pet on our sun shades, your car will look even more perfect when they are in use.


Effortless Storage and Universal Fit

Our sun shades are designed for effortless storage. They can easily be rolled up, folded, and stored with a Velcro strap included.

In terms of compatibility, our sun shades come in two sizes: 57 x 27.5 Inches (145 x 70 cm) and 80 x 30 Inches (76 x 203 cm).

This ensures a perfect fit for a wide variety of vehicles, from compact cars to large SUVs, offering optimal sun protection and enhancing your car's aesthetic appeal.

That's the Vibe Bubble commitment.


Here's What Some of Our Happy Customers Have to Say About Us!

"The Sunshade Looks Just Like My Dogs...".

"Got the sunscreen for my Mazda CX-5. It fits the whole of the front window.

The dog images that were available were a great selection of breeds, it looks like the boys posed for it!!!

It's so personalized and unique, I couldn't be happier.

Plus, it arrived quickly from the USA to NZ. Great service and great product."

Lisa Pulman at Cambridge, NZ

"The Quality is Much Better Than I Expected..."

"OMG!! I absolutely LOVE my shade!! It's so cute and the quality?

Much better than I expected!

It's not just a sunshade, it's a piece of art that represents my personality.

The print is clear, the colors are vibrant, and the material is durable. I'm so happy with my purchase."

Wendy Santos at Sacramento, US

"The Quality and Customer Service Impressed Me..."

"It's not just a regular sunshade, it's a statement piece that gets lots of laughs! Everyone knows it's my car with this sunshade!

The customer service was amazing. I initially ordered the wrong size, but they were so helpful and understanding. They guided me through the process of getting the right size.

It was a great shopping experience."

Vicki at Sydney, AU